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Thank you for – Since 1997 before most of our competitors existed, we were on our way to building thousands of golf clubs for our many happy customers , with our carefully manufactured high quality golf clubs custom built with only top quality material. We are adverse to cheap commercial grade shafts and components like other lesser expensive club builders use. This is why we can provide product warranties and give a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly golf club customization customer service. Custom fitting is our specialty and any golf club in our catalog can be built to fit men, women, seniors, and juniors. Clubs are assembled with shipping within 2 to 3 days to anywhere in the world and affordable flat rate shipping (within the USA) from our facility in California to your door without sales tax .
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Slice Correction Hybrid Irons

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   available in left handed draw, slice control
  Acer XF custom hybrid irons

Acer XF Draw Hybrid Irons
when ordering, please use Item #IW 1287
assembled price $44.95 (steel shaft) $49.95 (Acer Velocity graphite shaft)
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Click on the image enlarge,
Acer XF custom built hybrid irons Acer XF custom assembled hybrid irons Acer XF custom made hybrid irons Acer XF custom made hybrid irons

By mixing and matching the stylish XF Draw Hybrids, you are not tied down by what constitutes a “traditional” set make up providing you with complete customization. Let’s face it some players are better fairway players than others or their weakness is using certain long irons. Hybrids are designed to bridge that gap. For instance a 2 and 3 hybrid club may replace a 5 and 7-wood respectively, but the shorter length provides more confidence. They may also replace a 2 an 3 iron. The broader shape of a hybrid enables increased forgiveness over a long or even mid iron.

This is why the XF Draw hybrids will make a welcome addition to many golfers’ bags. They are equally attractive to the rest of the Acer XF Draw Woods, but in a traditional hybrid shape. Plus they offer the same variable crown and face technologies for improved performance and feel with superior distance and accuracy even on mis-hits.

The fade control draw version of the Acer XF Hybrid features offset hosel to help reduce thos annoying slice and correct the mis-hit balls to keep them in play. The XF draw slice correction hybrid iron is available in left handed, as well are the draw woods and draw driver.

Specifications : Item # IW 1287     Acer XF Offset Hybrid Irons for slice control
3 Draw Hybrid
19 Degree
60 Degree
242 g
114 cc
4 Draw Hybrid
22 Degree
60.5 Degree
249 g
115 cc
5 Draw Hybrid
25 Degree
61 Degree
256 g
116 cc

online golf clubs  Acer XF Slice Correction Hybrid Irons
assembled price $44.95 (steel shaft) $49.95 (Acer Velocity graphite)
Please indicate Item #IW 1287 on order form

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MAINTAINING INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY IN GOLF CLUBS - The Ace of Clubs Custom Golf Clubs has proudly served the internet community since 1997. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service and outstanding product quality in golf club equipment. Improve your golfing experience and find your maximum potential with custom fitted golf clubs. The Ace of Clubs Golf Clubs online golf store offers  discount golf club prices for our clone golf clubs and knock-off golf clubs. These are the best golf clubs value for your money, are highest quality and  perform equally as well as the expensive brand name golf clubs but at  affordable bargain prices. We also offer one of the largest selections of  custom left handed golf clubs available anywhere. The Ace of Clubs Golf  Clubs catalog has a large selection of forgiving beta titanium drivers, spring affect rebound drivers, miraging fairway woods, copper tungsten weighted  insert golf clubs hybrid irons traditional irons, wedges putters and golf bags.  Every golf club is custom built at the time of your online golf club order and  can be custom fitted to suit your unique needs. We will ship anywhere in the  United States and internationally including UK, Canada, and Japan . The  testimonials speak for themselves. Please send your comments for possible posting to the testimonial page.

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