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Thank you for visiting – Since 1997 before most of our competitors existed, we were on our way to building thousands of golf clubs for our many happy customers, with our carefully manufactured high quality golf clubs custom built with only top quality material. We are adverse to cheap commercial grade shafts and components like other lesser expensive club builders use. This is why we can provide product warranties and give a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly golf club customization customer service. Custom fitting is our specialty and any golf club in our catalog can be built to fit men, women, seniors, and juniors. Clubs are assembled with shipping within 2 to 3 days to anywhere in the world and affordable flat rate shipping (within the USA) from our facility in California to your door without sales tax .
  Order by Telephone  909-606-6400     Open Mon - Fri 8am to 6pm                                                                                                 Fully Assembled Custom Golf Clubs

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  Why should a golfer consider custom built golf clubs?

Do I need custom club fitting?

Q: I am only an average golfer - why should I need custom-fitted clubs?
A: You need custom-fitted clubs because:
   1. Custom-fitted clubs are tuned to your playing ability and swing so that your energy or lack there-of is efficiently utilized by the golf club to improve your game.
   2. Once clubs are fitted properly, a golfer can concentrate their effort on improving the golf swing, therefore, for total game improvement.

Many golfers, especially those who are less experienced, greatly misunderstand the entire concept of custom golf clubs. They may think that custom clubs are reserved for either the expert golfer, or the golfer with a high budget for golf equipment. They couldn’t be further from the truth in either case. Custom club fitting is an excellent method to properly fit any golfer to any type of golf equipment. Regardless of your age , height, strength, body type or gender, getting the proper shaft type, shaft flex, proper lie angle, and clubhead style are all significant features that will help to maximize your playing ability. Knowing that your clubs fit you perfectly, allows you to play your best and improve the quality of your game, and the bottom line – have more fun. Plus, you enjoy the added benefit of surprisingly affordable prices over the major brand name clubs in the sporting goods stores or golf pro shops. Please see our article about clone golf clubs vs. brand name clubs – this may surprise you!

 Custom Golf Clubs are:
  - Game improving, more forgiving
  - For all levels of golfers
  - For all body shapes and sizes, not just short or tall golfers
  - Endless options, rather than one-size-fits-all and all the same appearance from the store shelf
- Considered and evaluated with up t o 15 variables

Game improving, more forgiving
If you were to pick up a new golf club from your favorite sporting goods store or Pro-Shop, you will assuredly acquire your self a really nice new quality golf club – BUT, the identical club that your six-foot-tall neighbor bought, the five-foot-tall work friend bought, your weight lifting buddy bought, and the skinny junior varsity high school golf team kid bought, and the one your grandpa bought. It’s the obvious truth that not all those people fit the same mold!   
While the high school kid and grandpa are spending a lot of money, the smart golfer will save 50% over the one-size-fits-all brand name club while having his clubs fitted to him or her and at the same time actually improve their game… The more that your new clubs are designed around your desires and needs, the better they will perform for you. To be even more precise, the tall guy and the short guy may require the same size clubs... Why? because the length of the arms is whay really matters. To get a great fitting golf club, a measurment from your grip to the ground is necessary.

For all levels of golfers
Tiger Woods and other PGA professionals obviously have their golf clubs custom built to suit every aspect of their game – they need every bit of advantage that they can get since there are millions of Dollars and their future existence is on the line. Obviously you do not have those issues, but you do want to have more fun on the golf course. Golf is difficult and can be aggravating all by itself. Why let ill-fitted equipment drag down your game? Too many times we have seen players struggling to improve because of clubs that are too heavy or too light, too long or short, too stiff or flexible, too flat or upright. Get the equipment right, then work on the skills.

For all body shapes and sizes, not just short or tall golfers
We are all different and a significant investment in golf equipment should provide maximum benefit to each individual golfer.
Some golfers are short and some are tall, but that surprisingly makes little difference in selection of a customized club option. Some of us were made with longer/shorter arms, longer/shorter legs, longer/shorter bodies, more/less physical strength etc...  A tall golfer might have short arms and a short golfer may have long arms. This is precisely why we measure a golfer’s grip distance to the ground, swing speeds, age, frequency of play etc.
Once you have consulted with a fitting professional from The Ace of Clubs custom golf clubs, you are sure to get the equipment that is right for you. This can be accomplished over the telephone, or by using our complete Custom Club Fitting System from our website

Endless options for appearance and fit (rather than store shelf, one size and color fits all )
You can have your choice of flex (even half way between flexes, like semi-stiff) to improve distance and control, choice of length (which will provide much better ball control), consider shaft flex points, balance, swing weight, shaft spine alignment, shaft brand, shaft color, grip brand, grip type, grip color, grip size, head loft, head shape, etc…etc. At The Ace of Clubs, we would be happy to spend the time with you to help you figure out what you want and what you need. We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with your golf clubs from
The buyer of custom golf clubs does need to be somewhat aware and pay attention about who they are buying from and what they are getting. Some internet golf stores use poor quality head or shaft components, or use improper assembly techniques to cut corners and save costs or reduce their prices. At The Ace of Clubs, we are committed to offering  quality components and to taking the time to properly prepare them in the assembly process. We want you to be happy, and we want you to come back. We do offer warranties on our products

Fitting Evaluation Considerations and variables used may include;
•    Set composition    
•    Club length
•    Loft/lie angle
•    Club head design
•    Shaft frequency-flex
•    Shaft material
•    Flex-point
•    Torque
•    Shaft bend/balance point
•    Overall club balance point
•    Total club gram weight
•    Grip weight/size/material
•    Your handicap
•    Your frequency of play
•    Your physical make-up

When you order golf clubs from The Ace of Clubs Custom Golf Clubs, you may also submit a custom fitting request using our  Custom Club Fitting System . Your Custom Fitting request will only be evaluated when it is submitted in conjunction with an actuual  golf club order. As all golf clubs are assembled at the time of your order placement, there is no additional charge for custom fitting.

MAINTAINING INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY IN GOLF CLUBS - The Ace of Clubs Custom Golf Clubs has proudly served the internet community since 1997. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service and outstanding product quality in golf club equipment. Improve your golfing experience and find your maximum potential with custom fitted golf clubs. The Ace of Clubs Golf Clubs online golf store offers  discount golf club prices for our clone golf clubs and knock-off golf clubs. These are the best golf clubs value for your money, are highest quality and  perform equally as well as the expensive brand name golf clubs but at  affordable bargain prices. We also offer one of the largest selections of  custom left handed golf clubs available anywhere. The Ace of Clubs Golf  Clubs catalog has a large selection of forgiving beta titanium drivers, spring  
affect rebound drivers, miraging fairway woods, copper tungsten weighted  insert golf clubs hybrid irons traditional irons, wedges putters and golf bags.  Every golf club is custom built at the time of your online golf club order and  can be custom fitted to suit your unique needs. We will ship anywhere in the  United States and internationally including UK, Canada, and Japan . The  testimonials speak for themselves. Please send your comments for possible posting to the testimonial page.

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